Marvel's Kevin Feige Confirms 'Avengers 4' Will End The Current Phase

The Guantlet she is probably referring to is the Infinity Gauntlet which we've seen briefly in the movies. Infinity War will focus on the Mad Titan's ambition to collect the six infinity stones to fix in the Infinity Gauntlet that would grant him unlimited power over the universe.

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Luis Enrique: Lionel Messi is the greatest ever

Luis Enrique: Lionel Messi is the greatest ever

Messi had canceled out Casemiro's opener before halftime, but Barca looked well on the road to victory when Ivan Rakitic's stunning effort put the visitors 2-1 in front, before Madrid captain Ra...
WTI, Brent crude oil futures settle lower

WTI, Brent crude oil futures settle lower

This week it led to a rough ride for prices, with headlines screaming 'Oil has had its worst day since March!' WTI closed on Wednesday at $50.26 per barrel, after the U.S. The week of April 17 saw a s...

WWE offers more details on the "Superstar Shakeup"

Orton dominated the proceedings and set up Rowan for the RKO after the DDT off the second rope, but he was interrupted by a Bray Wyatt promo and that allowed Rowan to take the steel steps and ram into Orton thus disqualifying himself. Who exactly is going to challenge Orton when Wyatt is gone. or are they about to put the universal and WWE titles on Raw? He noted that the success of failure of this exercise is going to largely be up to the talents to be able to make whatever they are ...

Finn Bálor suffered a concussion during match with Jinder Mahal on Raw

Gronk grabbed a drink from behind the railing and drenched Mahal, who went on to lose his match. WWE has yet to acknowledge the injury yet. Numerous sources have reportedly confirmed the injury to PWInsider , but there is no word on how long he might be sidelined.

One Direction's Harry Style's number one danger as Ed Sheeran closes in

Styles' own single finally dropped April 7 and gave fans a preview into the very not-boy band sound of his upcoming album. Harry Styles is in high demand. Now this aftertoon, "Something Just Like This" by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers took the top spot, and sent Harry plummeting to number 3. "That could really affect chart position come Friday".
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