National Basketball Association scores 2017: Kevin Durant scores 40 as Warriors defeat Thunder

Tensions were high in the game, the second between the two sides since Kevin Durant left Oklahoma for Golden State in the off-season. Westbrook, who recorded his 21st triple-double of the season, may not have a relationship with Durant anymore, but Westbrook will be paying far more attention to Zaza Pachulia in the teams' next meeting on February 11.

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Arsene Wenger Has Responded To Rumours Of A Move For Dimitri Payet

Arsene Wenger Has Responded To Rumours Of A Move For Dimitri Payet

He agreed a new five-year deal at the club last February, making him the highest-paid player in West Ham's history, earning £125,000-a-week, but he is claiming he has a back injury and isn't now invo...
North Korea may test missiles during Trump inauguration

North Korea may test missiles during Trump inauguration

According to reports in South Korea, two missiles have already been placed on mobile launchers. The two missiles are estimated to be no longer than 15 meters in length, making them shorter than the ...

Sony Twitter hack results in Britney Spears dead hoax

But the account was quick to follow it up with another tweet that it was a likely hack and the twitterverse need not go into a "frenzy". Huge celebrities like Britney Spears have great amounts of fame and fortune. "I haven't spoken to anyone... as of yet but I am certain their account was hacked". Approximately 45 minutes later, another read, " OurMine checked Britney Spears twitter account if it's hacked or not and they detected that it's hacked!" Though, OurMine has rejected the ...

Christmas message from the Prime Minister

Jesus - was born to Mother Mary in Bethlehem around 2000 years ago. It is therefore likely that Jesus would have been born in March or April. The story of Christmas takes a few odd turns when kids narrate it. And in this Child that we find in the manger on Christmas Day, we find the meaning of our lives. What is in the treasure box of your life, that you could open up and give to God as a tangible way of worshiping Jesus? But we see something more.

Brad Pitt Slams Angelina Jolie in New Court Documents

Pitt claims in the documents that Jolie appears "determined to ignore" the children's best interests. Mr. Pitt's latest legal salvo is just the latest in a contentious breakup that began in September, days after a heated argument between Mr.
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